RM-Holz is a company introduced in the timber trade and all its derivatives.

We offer a wide range of products such as semi finished products, mainly in softwood , but also we deal hardwood component and plywood products.


We  supply our clients with wood panels, glued laminated timber for windows and semi finished products,  bed slats  in pine or spruce , as well as in beech and birch  components .


RM-Holz is a company aim to become a leading supplier of pellet, as well as wood briquettes


We believe that wood pellet is one of the most cost effective and practical heating fuels and we want to commit to providing our clients with new innovative products that we believe are the future of heating technology .


Our company collaborates only with certified producers (EN PLUS A1, DIN PLUS) who offer high qualitity products . We set up and  manage regular contacts with our producers. We collaborate with numerous producers in Europe, mainly Baltic Countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, as well as  Austria and Germany.


Our company’s main asset is that we are constantly present in the production units with which we collaborate  in order to guarantee maximum quality and supervise the work of our producers


Set up on well established experience RM-Holz collaborates only with companies that guarantee carefully selected products and assess the requests and needs of clients, while respecting all European  standards.

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